11 / 28 / 16

Dear friends, my new e-mail: flameiajulia@gmail.com

12 / 25 / 09

Specially for upcoming year of Tiger I've made new desktop picture - Wild Wild Cats. Though current Apple OS is Snow Leopard, I guess they will become close friends!

10 / 16 / 09

Hello and greetings from Flameia! Happy Halloween to everybody! Please welcome my new desktop picture featuring familiar characters, and I wish you to celebrate the holiday with your close friends!

Unfortunately, this place was some kind of deserted for the last year, but I promise it won't be anymore - there will be plenty of new works, please stay tuned for the upcoming update till winter holidays.

7 / 12 / 08

Hello everybody and sorry for the site being unaccessible for such a long time. I'm fine, doing my art direction and design work, there were some problems, and I regret that people worried trying to reach my site, and all that mails missed because of failed hosing (yes, I'm looking at you, ElectricKitten), but eventually I had managed that and everything seems OK. So, Flameia is back, and welcome back everyone!

3 / 29 / 07

Hi to all, please check out my new cute icon pack Aries, for both Mac and Windows.

This is my new icon set named Aries, it's about me and my friends. Hope you'll enjoy it even if your zodiac sign differs :)


Happy Halloween to all from two rabbits, chocolate cat and one simple bat :)

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