about me
Hello! You're welcome!

My name is Julia Nikolaeva, known as Flameia.

I'm working as CG artist / lead artist / art director.

I've done various kind of things such as pixel art, illustrations, logos, pictures and animations for video games, interface design, web design, multimedia projects.

I also work with photostocks, where you can buy my illustrations.

I love animals, especially cats and foxes, and I love drawing them. Here my shop with my creations, where you can buy my works.

About my work: flameiadesign
About me: flameia
About my work in Telegram: flameiadesign

My links:

Alexander Shirokov 3D designer (portfolio)

In case you’re in need of

  • Logo for your company
  • Website for your business
  • Interface for your application
  • Art for your game

Flameia Design
can provide you with all of these services.

If you’re interested in working with me, please let me know.